KnowHow Partners with The Accelerator to Support Scaling Local Startups

Travis Parker Martin
Co-Founder | Vice President of Product
Today, KnowHow is proud to announce a partnership with The Accelerator, a Calgary-based seed accelerator that provides curriculum, services, mentors, and connections to growing technology startups.

Beginning immediately, all current and past Accelerator alumni will receive $500 in credits for KnowHow’s software platform for sharing and accessing team processes.

“Early-stage startups turn into global enterprises when they can solve a tangible problem for people, and then create the systems and processes necessary to scale their solution to people around the world.” said KnowHow CEO, Leighton Healey. “We’re thrilled that KnowHow will enable alumni of The Accelerator to take what they’ve learned and through its incredible programming and translate it into actionable processes for their team on KnowHow in order to have a truly massive impact”

Launched in 2016, the Accelerator combines the best aspects of proven accelerator programs like Y Combinator, 500 Startups, and more, and tailors it specifically to Canadian founders. Their five-month program provides hands-on mentorship, dinners with local experts, and a demo day pitch to investors. According to Sam Begelfor, Director of New Ventures at The Accelerator, this partnership should unlock new growth for their businesses. "We're so excited to partner with KnowHow to help our startups get their processes in check, to help fuel their growth! KnowHow is the perfect way to have all your processes in place for your startup to scale."

Born out of a Silicon Valley-based technology accelerator itself, KnowHow’s platform for centralizing company processes was built specifically to help businesses scale their systems and equip employees to work with confidence as they grow.

“The future of our city’s tech industry relies on early-stage startups finding product/market fit, and then having the ability to scale up their team to serve a large audience.” said Leighton Healey, “Thanks to KnowHow and The Accelerator, local startups are better equipped to not only solve meaningful problems, but to put Calgary’s technology scene on the map globally.”