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If you're seeking a fast and effective way to onboard your workforce, train them thoroughly, and keep them up-to-date on your company's methods, KnowHow was built for you.
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Become a Process-Driven Company, Fast.

By standardizing your operations and offering your team an easy-to-use platform for their on-the-job questions, you can decrease errors and enhance productivity across every aspect of your workforce.

With KnowHow, it’s easy to gather all of your company's 'how-to' information in one convenient location, equipping your team with the knowledge they need to tackle obstacles with confidence and excel in their roles.

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Thanks to KnowHow, on Day 1 our new employees show up with a little bit of training. KnowHow helps us support team members throughout their lifecycle. Our old HR model was focused on compliance, but with KnowHow, our focus has shifted to helping employees continue to develop, become better, and give back to our organization.

Tom Thomson - Paul Davis Restoration of Idaho

Before KnowHow, I never knew exactly how someone was getting trained. Now I control the messaging because it's written in stone and I can see they've completed each process and learned how to do things the right way.

Heather Warnecke - Good Feet

Rapidly Onboard and Train

Time is of the essence in the restoration industry, and every minute counts. With KnowHow, you can seamlessly onboard new hires and quickly train them to be productive members of your team.

Say goodbye to lengthy training sessions and hello to a streamlined onboarding process that gets new employees up to speed faster than ever before.

Overcome Language Barriers

In a diverse workforce, language differences can hinder effective communication. KnowHow breaks down language barriers with built-in translation features, allowing your team to understand and follow instructions accurately, regardless of their native language.

Rest assured that whenever a team member accesses a process, it is instantly translated into their preferred language.

Document Business-Critical Processes

Don't let valuable knowledge stay locked away in the minds of your experienced employees. KnowHow enables you to document and preserve business-critical processes, safeguarding your company's expertise for the long term.

Protect against knowledge loss due to turnover or unforeseen circumstances, ensuring continuity and reliability in your operations.

Upskill and Retain Your Workforce

Investing in your team's development is a crucial step towards retaining top talent. With KnowHow it's easier than ever to provide clear roadmaps to success that empower employees to grow and succeed within your organization.

Showcase certifications earned while tracking your whole team's progress towards mastery.

See what KnowHow can do for your workforce.

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