Winning with Workers

The 8 Proven Principles Today's Leaders Use to Attract & Retain The Best Talent

The team at KnowHow has spent the last year interviewing the restoration industry's most ambitious leaders.

Combining their insights with hundreds of hours of proprietary research, they've successfully uncovered the eight principles of winning with today's worker.

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Featuring Insights from the Restoration Industry's Top Leaders

We crunched the numbers and consulted with the best of the best to determine how your restoration business can learn from the experience of others

The Winning With Workers Framework

How to Transform Your Employment Experience

Discover how today's most innovative leaders in the restoration industry are re-building their employment experience from the ground up by following eight principles for winning with workers.

1. Create a Weird Culture
2. Advance the Whole Worker
3. Connect Work to Meaning
4. Democratize How-to
5. Mobilize a Bionic Workforce
6. Resist Operational Entropy
7. Become Communication Athletes
8. Create a Net-Zero Stress Workplace

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