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Set Up a Dehumidifier
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Set Up a Dehumidifier
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Follow this process to successfully set up your dehumidifier in order to efficiently dry an area.
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Step 1: Remove as much standing water as possible before setting up your dehumidifier

Step 2: Place the dehumidifier in a wet area
Always operate the dehumidifier in an upright position.

Do not block air intake or outlets.
Step 3: Attach power cord to socket on dehumidifier first, then insert pronged plug into grounded outlet

The wall outlet must be on a 15-amp circuit.

Step 4: Attach the drainage hose end to the drainage outlet tube on the dehumidifier


Step 5: Unwind the hose and put the open end securely into a sink, toilet, tub or out the door
The open end of the tube can go any place where the water can safely drain that is less than 20ft. above the dehumidifier.
Ensure the hose has no kinks and is unobstructed.
Step 6: Turn the dehumidifier on and select the desired performance options


Step 7: Check the inlet and outlet readings on a regular basis
The outlet readings should show higher temperatures and lower humidity percentages than the inlet readings. Consider adding heat to speed the drying process if the inlet temperature is lower than 60F.

Step 8: Turn off dehumidifier when drying is complete
Don't unplug the unit right away - it needs to dry internally and purge.
Step 9: Disconnect power cord and drain hose

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