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Calculate Standing Water Present on Water Loss
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Calculate Standing Water Present on Water Loss
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It is important to calculate standing water present on a water loss as it will have a direct impact on the structure of the walls if it is not calculated and extracted correctly. Water depth must be monitored to ensure it is falling at the predicted rate and is not creating unequal pressure on both the inside and outside of the walls.
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Step 1: Calculate the length and width of the area affected
Measure the outside of the building first in feet to obtain and estimate.
Step 2: Calculate the depth of water
Measure the depth of the water in feet.
Step 3: Multiply the results from previous steps
Length x width x depth to find cubic feet (cubic meters) of water.

If any of your measurements are in inches, be sure to convert it to feet by dividing by 12.

Example: 4" divided by 12 = 0.3 feet
Step 4: Find how many gallons of water
Multiply cubic feet (from step 3) by 7.48 to find how many gallons of water there is.

If working in cubic meters: Multiply cubic meters by 1,000 to find out how many litres.
Step 5: Calculate the weight of the water
Multiply gallons (from step 4) by 8.34 to find the weight of the water.

If working in litres: One liter weighs one kilogram.
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