Emergency Response Program Post-Hurricane
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Emergency Response Program Post-Hurricane
This process outlines an emergency response program for employees in the event of a hurricane. It provides guidelines and steps to ensure the safety and well-being of employees during and after a hurricane. Following this program will help minimize risks and facilitate a coordinated response to protect employees and mitigate potential damage.
Step 1: Assess the Safety

Step 2: Activate Communication Channels

Step 3: Provide Instructions for Reporting

Step 4: Coordinate Emergency Services

Step 5: Identify Essential Functions

Step 6: Establish Temporary Workspace

Step 7: Provide Safety Equipment

Step 8: Assign Roles and Responsibilities

Step 9: Implement Emergency Response Plan

Step 10: Monitor and Evaluate

Step 11: Provide Emotional Support

Step 12: Document and Review

Step 13: Conduct Training and Drills

Step 14: Stay Informed