Receive Initial Information on a Mold Loss
Leighton T Healey
Leighton T Healey
CEO & Co-Founder
Receive Initial Information on a Mold Loss
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Follow this process in order to receive initial information on a mold loss.
Step 1: Accept the claim information
First you will need to accept the loss from the program, homeowner, insurance adjuster. If this loss comes from a program, make sure you hit your appropriate touch points.

When a mold loss comes in this is not an EMS call! An initial inspection is needed unless otherwise told by the adjuster to go out and start drying.
Step 2: Verify the claim information
You will reach out to the insured and verify the details of the loss:
  • Insurance carrier
  • Claim number
  • Adjuster information
  • Any instructions given by the carrier, if mitigation is needed or if equipment is needed to stabilize the environment.
  • Find out if there are any mold caps on the policy and if mitigation would be put under those caps.
  • Are we approved to bring in an industrial hygienist or has one already been on site?
Step 3: Verify the homeowner's information
Verify homeowner's information:
  • Loss address
  • Contact information (phone numbers and emails)
  • Special instructions (gate codes, parking instructions, etc.)
Step 4: Gather loss information
This is where you will gather information about the loss on what your crews will need to preform the job:
  • What caused the loss?
  • How long has the loss been going on?
  • Has the source of the loss been fixed?
  • How long have you noticed any smells or discoloration?
  • Has the adjuster been out?
  • Have you had any recent losses in this area?
  • How many rooms are affected?
  • Has an industrial hygienist been out to the home?
Step 5: Schedule a site visit
Set site visit with the home owner. Once time has been set, update all touchpoints if doing program work. Send schedule to the handling adjuster in case they want to be on site and inspection prior to inspection.

It is important to set expectations with the insured that an initial inspection and estimate has to be written for mold remediation. This is not something that can be removed and taken care of same day.