Test for Mold with Swab Test Kit
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Test for Mold with Swab Test Kit
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Follow this process in order to perform a mold swab test.
Step 1: Remove swab from packaging
Note- If there is visibly over 10SF of Growth, it is strongly recommended to obtain the services of an Industrial Hygienist to perform the testing and prepare a written Protocol for the Mold Remediation

Wearing gloves, remove swab from packaging material.

Step 2: Swab the desired area
Swab the desired area thoroughly, rolling the swab lightly back and forth over sampling area.

Step 3: Remove plug from transport tube
Remove plug from transport tube. Insert the swab into the tube, firmly close cap, and label appropriately.



Step 4: Complete data sheet
You will need to fill out the chain of custody with the turn around time and test you are looking to perform.

Chain Of Custody-
A legal term that refers to the ability to guarantee the identity and integrity of the sample (or data) from collection through reporting of the test results. It is a process used to maintain and document the chronological history of the sample (or data). Chain-of-custody documents should include the name or initials of the person collecting the sample (or data), each person or entity subsequently having custody of it, dates the items were collected or transferred, the collection location, a brief description of the item, and a sample identification number.

Please click the link below for an example of the chain of custody.
Step 5: Indicate test code
Indicate test code for either direct exam or culture as needed.

Direct examination analysis
  • A direct exam allows for the rapid determination of the presence of fungal spores, fruiting structures and hyphae, as well as identifies the types of fungi. Direct examinations should only be used to sample visible or suspect mold growth.
Culture Analysis
  • Samples are plated onto culture media and incubated for up to two weeks.
Step 6: Drop off or mail samples to the lab
You will need to drop off or mail your samples over night to the lab. Check with your state for labs. For Example, below is a link to the State of Michigan Labs at the URL below.