14 August, 2023

A New Era for Restoration: Lightspeed Restoration Supercharges its Franchise Network with KnowHow

Leighton Healey

The restoration industry requires precision and expertise, and Lightspeed Restoration - Home Franchise Concepts' newest brand - is primed to set a new standard of franchisee support across its network. In collaboration with KnowHow, an innovative mobile-first application, Lightspeed is focused on empowering its franchises with the in-depth knowledge needed to provide exceptional service delivery in water damage, structural fire, and storm damage mitigation - disasters that leave people in urgent need of expert assistance.

"In our technical industry, well-trained teams are more equipped to serve our customers effectively. Knowledge instills confidence, and this confidence fosters trust with our valued customers," highlights Troy Coolidge, Lightspeed's Vice President of Operations, “and KnowHow serves as a powerful tool to streamline training and knowledge across our franchise network.”

With KnowHow, restorers don’t have to call their supervisor or manually search through company policies and Standard Operating Procedures when a question comes up on the job. Whether they’re on their phone, tablet, or computer, everyone has access to quick, accurate answers that help them tackle whatever job or task is next. "We were drawn to KnowHow due to its user-friendly interface, and how it seamlessly integrates new content. It serves as a unified learning resource that our new franchises can continually revisit, ensuring they maintain our high standards of operation," Coolidge continued.

"KnowHow will help us tackle various workforce challenges and stay competitive in attracting, training, and retaining great franchise owners."
  • Troy Coolidge, Lightspeed's Vice President of Operations

Whether onboarding new employees or providing on-the-job assistance, KnowHow was designed to help blue-collar workforces thrive. Leighton Healey, CEO of KnowHow, remarks, "The restoration industry requires more than just raw skills. It demands continuous learning, and most importantly, on-the-spot expertise when the unexpected happens. That’s what KnowHow brings to the table, especially for a cutting-edge franchise network like Lightspeed.”

Healey continued, "Magic Search, one of our latest features, acts like an expert that's always within reach. It’s about cutting down the minutes wasted searching through manuals or waiting for replies. With just a quick search, restoration professionals get the exact information they need, right on their device.” Whether staff need to know how to troubleshoot a piece of equipment, double-check the latest standards, or navigate software, KnowHow makes it easy to identify next steps on the job.

For prospective franchisees, Lightspeed’s embrace of cutting-edge training through KnowHow offers a compelling reason to join the network. "As Lightspeed carves its path in restoration, we at KnowHow are here to streamline that journey. Together, we’re pushing boundaries and setting a pace that benefits the entire industry.” concluded Healey.

To learn more about how KnowHow can help transform your workforce, visit tryknowhow.com.

About Lightspeed Restoration

Lightspeed Restoration provides 24/7, world-class service from highly trained technicians to address water and fire damage restoration as well as indoor air quality improvements for residential and commercial properties. Backed by the resources of Home Franchise Concepts and decades of experience from their executive team, Lightspeed Restoration sets itself apart with fast response times and expertise in working with insurance carriers.

About KnowHow

KnowHow is an intuitive, mobile-first application that helps leaders rapidly onboard new hires, upskill their workforce, and provide on-demand, expert guidance for every job. Home to your company’s proven methods, KnowHow ensures everyone has the skills they need to get the job done right, with time-saving features that make it a breeze to build, maintain, and translate Standard Operating Procedures. It’s time to say goodbye to language barriers and costly mistakes, and start exceeding standards with KnowHow.

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