Onboard Restorers

Rapidly onboard and upskill your workforce with KnowHow
So you’ve hired a new member of your restoration team - now what? KnowHow’s employee onboarding workflows help you get your team up to speed quick, so they can get to work and feel confident they've done the job right.

Cut Your Onboarding Times in Half

KnowHow’s solutions give teams a framework to offer efficient and optimized onboarding and training. New recruits will learn what they need quickly, so they can hit the ground running with your company’s best practices

KnowHow’s Onboarding Solutions

Whether you're a new company that needs help or an established company with systems in place - KnowHow can boost your onboarding speed.

Onboarding resources for field staff on the KnowHow app.

Clear Training Roadmaps and Workflows for Restoration Hires

Regular work doesn’t stop when you have new hires - and you only have so much time to dedicate to training new staff. That's why our workflows are easy to set up, so your new hires know exactly what they need to do, and in what order.

Multilingual Onboarding and Training for Restoration

Restoration teams often are a diverse group of people. Make sure everyone understands their responsibilities in a clear way. KnowHow can automatically translate your processes and training materials into over 14 languages.

Spanish-language translations for restoration teams.
KnowHow app answering a field staff's question.

Give Your New Hires Confidence On-the-Job

While the interviewing process makes an important first impression for your company, how you manage your new hire is just as key. Keep your new hires feeling at ease with an established onboarding system. When new hires know what they need to do and see an organized system in place - they’ll know they made the right choice by joining your team.

Customer Testimonials

“KnowHow makes onboarding new staff so easy. I just onboarded an Accounts Payable clerk and all the training was in KnowHow. It took no time whatsoever for her to learn how we want things done.”

Lisa Blair - Owner & Business Manager
Paul Davis Restoration du Sud-Ouest

My advice is to sign up for KnowHow. Our stores in Florida, Texas, and Oklahoma offer consistent training and guidance thanks to KnowHow, ensuring a seamless experience at every location.

Heather Warnecke - Senior Executive Assistant

"KnowHow brings value to executives and blue-collar workers alike. It's scalable and applicable in diverse sectors, whether your job is software-based or more hands-on and mechanical in nature."

Evan Kostreva - Franchise Business Coach

"Our technicians don’t have to go find their Project Manager when they have a question anymore. They have the resources right at their hands to solve any problem, so they show up on a job site prepared."

Kinyon Martin - Founder
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