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While the KnowHow app ensures everyone has on-demand, expert guidance in their pocket, we also know how impactful face-to-face knowledge sharing can be. That's why we provide a variety of virtual and in-person speaker sessions, tailored to your team's needs.

Whether you're hosting a conference with industry leaders or looking to get a group together for an impactful workshop, the KnowHow team is here to help with actionable how-to.
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Leighton Healey

Leighton is the CEO of KnowHow and a recognized expert in how to win with today’s service workforce. Prior to co-authoring three books with the KnowHow team, Leighton built and led organizations in various industries, including construction, franchising, real estate, technology, retail, and management consulting.


"I would highly recommend and encourage those looking for an impactful speaker with modern and relevant information and material to contact Leighton. His presentation resonated extremely well with our team.”
Lory Perizzolo
Chief Operating Officer
"Last year’s presentation was so engaging they asked you back and I see why. Great keynote presentation, fully engaging and held the groups attention. Great interaction with laughter while making solid points throughout.”
Chris Lonsdale
National Account Executive

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Flexible Options

Whether you're hosting a conference or getting a group together for an impactful workshop, the KnowHow team can work with you to ensure it's full of actionable how-to.
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Full-day, in-person event, with live presentation and workshop

Live presentation with onstage question and answer period

Virtual talk, live or pre-recorded

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