Understanding today's worker is our full-time job.

Delivering the best products and services starts with listening to and understanding those you serve.

That's why we've made it our mission to produce industry-leading data, research, and insights on today's workforce, so you can overcome your biggest challenges.


Winning with Workers >

How are today's most innovative restoration leaders attracting and retaining top talent in such a competitive market? We've discovered the eight principles modern companies are using to win with workers.

Five Star Restorer >

Why do restoration companies get 1-star reviews? We analyzed over 1,000 bad reviews and discovered the 7 reasons companies get torched online, and what you can do to ensure you don’t end up on that list.

Why Workers Quit >

Why do restoration workers choose one company over another? What causes them to throw their hands up and quit? We interviewed 400 workers in the restoration industry, and we’ve got the never-before-seen data for you.

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Leighton Healey

Leighton is the CEO of KnowHow and a recognized expert in how to win with today’s service workforce. Prior to co-authoring three books with the KnowHow team, Leighton built and led organizations in various industries, including construction, franchising, real estate, technology, retail, and management consulting.

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