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What tactics are today's most innovative restoration companies using to build workforces that attract new staff, retain top employees, and get the most out of every worker? The team at KnowHow decided to ask them.

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In this restoration industry podcast, we sit down with some of the top performers & business experts and ask them how they built a world-class team culture in such a volatile industry. Like everything KnowHow does, we've geared it to be ridiculously actionable, so you can act on your learnings right away.


Season 1, episode 8

Training and Developing Employees with BluSky

In this episode we are joined by Chuck Lane, Vice President of Learning and Development at BluSky Restoration Contractors, and delve into the transformative power of investing in people, ensuring they not only survive but thrive in the restoration landscape. Tune in wherever you listen, today.

AUGUST 11, 2023
Season 1, episode 7

Preparing for Hurricane Season with Royal Plus

In this episode, we spoke with Mike Allred, Director of CAT at Royal Plus and a seasoned veteran in the disaster restoration industry, particularly in areas prone to hurricanes. With an emphasis on building strong relationships, ensuring financial readiness, and the importance of meticulous documentation, this episode provides a wealth of knowledge for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of large-scale restoration work.

JULY 21, 2023
Season 1, episode 6

Support the Community with Seaside Restoration

In this episode of the podcast, we hear from Bess Leiti, the owner of Seaside Restoration, about the company's unwavering commitment to providing exceptional restoration services to their clients and the community. Join us as we hear from Bess Leiti and learn how Seaside Restoration earned an impressive five-star rating on Google.

JUNE 16, 2023
Season 1, episode 5
APRIL 21, 2023
Season 1, episode 5

Caring for the Human Behind the Hammer with Disaster Response Idaho

In this episode of the podcast, we talk with Mike Mooney from Disaster Response Idaho about the importance of building team camaraderie and creating a company culture that values empathy and accountability. Tune in to hear some great insights from a leader who truly values his employees.

MAY 19, 2023
Season 1, episode 4
APRIL 21, 2023
Season 1, episode 4

Focusing on Family with ATI Restoration

As ATI Restoration has scaled to dozens of locations and 1000s of employees, they've retained their family emphasis by continuing to prioritize the well-being and growth of their employees. In this episode, we explore how they've done it and why it's so important to their continued success.

APRIL 21, 2023
Season 1, episode 3
APRIL 21, 2023

Serving the Community with Guarantee Restoration

In this episode of The Restoration Playbook Podcast by KnowHow, host Paul Silliman sits down with Shawn Folks and Marcie Richardson discuss how Guarantee Restoration builds their company culture through community service.

MARCH 27, 2023
Season 1, episode 2
APRIL 21, 2023

Running Mitigation Mondays with Graystone Restoration

In this episode of The Restoration Playbook Podcast, host Paul Silliman speaks with John Savin, Mitigation Manager at Graystone Restoration, about their innovative training program, Mitigation Mondays. Savin explains the origins of the program, the kind of training provided, and how they get their staff to buy-in to employee development.

MARCH 13, 2023
Season 1, episode 1
APRIL 21, 2023

Building a Killer Brand with Thomasville Restoration

In this episode of The Restoration Playbook Podcast by KnowHow, we interview Andy Amrhein and Alexus Neidert from Thomasville Restoration to dive deep into why they decided to invest heavily into brand when it's hard to prove the ROI, and what impact they've seen it have on employee morale and loyalty.

FEBRUARY 25, 2023

Learn From Fellow Restoration Professionals

The restoration industry is too competitive to not be constantly learning. Stand on the shoulders of giants by borrowing the playbook of today's most successful companies.

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