Roles Transformed by KnowHow:

With KnowHow, restoration owners can rest easy knowing their staff are fully trained, confident, and doing things the right way, every time. It’s a simple yet effective way to increase gross profit on each job, improve productivity, and lower employee turnover.
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General Manager
Tired of getting interrupted dozens of times every day? Our customers were too. With KnowHow, each employee is properly trained up, and then has a step-by-step guide for any question they have in their pocket. Need a reminder on how to do something? There’s a KnowHow for that!
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Project Manager
Go-backs and re-dos are a thing of the past with KnowHow. Not only do Project Managers have all the skills they need to learn to succeed in their role on KnowHow, KnowHow’s massive template library ensures workers are never guessing - they have crystal clear instructions, whenever they need them.
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Field Staff
Gain the skills you need to grow your career on KnowHow. With step-by-step training in areas like contents, mitigation, mold, water-damage, and hundreds of other subjects, workers don’t need a decade of experience to operate at a high-level with KnowHow.
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Maintaining high-quality service while expanding a franchise network is challenging, especially without scaling corporate headcount. KnowHow simplifies your operations, equipping franchisees and their staff with instant access to brand-standard, step-by-step guidance.
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