We work with industry leaders to equip your workforce with the expertise they need.

KnowHow is proud of the company we keep. Whether you're looking for insights into the restoration industry or how-to for the next task on your to-do list, these partners work with KnowHow to ensure you have what you need.
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C&R State of the Restoration Industry Report

What keeps restoration owners up at night? Each year the KnowHow team collaborates with C&R Magazine to discover the answer, and the reports are free to download. Get your copy!
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Actionable How-to for Restoration Leaders

Whether you want expert advice on attracting and retaining talent or weekly step-by-step guidance for common jobs, we work with R&R to ensure you have the how-to you need on-hand.
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The Cost of Doing Business Report

We're working with the Restoration Industry Association to break down the cost of doing business in restoration.
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How-to for the tools that run your business

We work with leading providers to ensure it's easy to get your whole team up and running with your preferred software and equipment.
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