Retention and Upskilling

Retain and Upskill Restoration Employees with KnowHow
Workers quit for a variety of reasons - which we’ve explained in a whole book. More often than not, workers leave their positions when they feel they’re stuck in a rut. The KnowHow app keeps your staff engaged - while also setting a path for them to develop their skills

Build a Successful Upskill
Program with KnowHow

It can be tough to make every employee feel engaged and valued - especially during a busy season. KnowHow leverages your knowledge base to provide employees with clear, tangible ways to develop their skills and learn. With clear career roadmaps, your workers will become valuable assets to your team - for the long haul.

KnowHow’s Employee Retention Solutions

One way to keep good employees on the team is to ensure they know what they need to do. When employees feel well-managed and supported, they tend to stick around.

Onboarding resources for field staff on the KnowHow app.

Create Career Development Workflows

Employees shouldn’t feel taken for granted. Make sure they know what they can do to achieve their career goals. With KnowHow, you and your team can create workflows that clearly set the timeline for your workers.

Retention Through
Step-by-Step Support

KnowHow makes it easy to provide employees with step-by-step guides, which they can access on their smartphones, tablets, or computers.
Want a plain-language answer? Just ask Howie and get clear guidance for whatever the job is.

Certifications for field staff on the KnowHow app.
KnowHow app answering a field staff's question.

Translate Your Development Materials

A good worker is a good worker - language barriers shouldn’t get in the way of your employee’s development. The power of KnowHow isn’t limited to one language; KnowHow can automatically translate your processes into over 14 languages, and Howie can speak English, French, and Spanish with KnowHow Premium.

Highlight Your Staff's Achievements with Certifications

A good restoration company gives workers the chance to always be learning and growing. Within the KnowHow app, workers can display their skills and earn badges to show off their growth at your company. No good deed should go unnoticed!

Spanish-language translations for restoration teams.


“KnowHow makes onboarding new staff so easy. I just onboarded an Accounts Payable clerk and all the training was in KnowHow. It took no time whatsoever for her to learn how we want things done.”

Lisa Blair - Owner & Business Manager
Paul Davis Restoration du Sud-Ouest

"KnowHow has been a big game-changer for us.
That’s how we’ve been able to manage better.
It’s just such a beautiful programme."

Danielle Vest - Owner
Preferred Cleaning Service

"From upper-level executives to the guys right on the ground, there's something for everybody. It's scalable, and it doesn't matter if you have a really complex software-based job or you have something that's more mechanical and blue-collar in nature, like we're dealing with. You know, there's value in every sector for KnowHow."

Evan Kostreva - Franchise Business Coach

"Our technicians don’t have to go find their Project Manager when they have a question anymore. They have the resources right at their hands to solve any problem, so they show up on a job site prepared."

Kinyon Martin - Founder
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