Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Management

Draft, edit, update, and share your best practices with ease

When deadlines are close and the projects are complex, supervisors don’t always have time to walk their techs through each step of the process. That’s where written-out SOPs come in, saving your team time and keeping them on track... assuming they have that document on hand.

With KnowHow, your company’s knowledge and processes can be within arm’s reach - on their phone, tablet, or computer.
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Let's talk about your operations manual

If your team is sticking with paper manuals, we're not here to judge - they're familiar, tangible, and they've served you well over the years... even if they're a little worn around the edges and somehow always out of date. You've been doing your best with what you have, and we commend you for it. But there's a new way of doing things - one that's as reliable as your trusty hard-copy, but ten times easier to manage. Let us show you.

KnowHow’s SOP Solutions

With KnowHow, it’s easy to build, maintain, translate, and share Standard Operating Procedures, equipping workforces with expert how-to when they need it most.

Get your how-to documented, fast

You don’t have to build your team’s knowledge base from scratch. KnowHow already has hundreds of templates available for you to use and customize, including step-by-step guides for common restoration jobs, tools, and software.

Share step-by-step expertise at scale

Not a writer? Not a problem. In just a few clicks, KnowHow can rephrase your instructions, expand on a point, or even draft a step-by-step process before your eyes. Spend less time searching for words and more time on your business.
Answer on-site questions in seconds with your team's new mentor, Howie
Once you share a process everyone on your team has access to easy-to-follow instructions for critical jobs, whether they're on their phone, tablet, or computer. Our AI-powered virtual expert, Howie, is trained on your policies and procedures, and ready to answer questions as they come up. No more searching through dusty, outdated manuals: just clear directions for the task ahead.
Support staff in their preferred language, automatically
Your team’s knowledge reaches its full potential when the entire team understands it clearly. That's why, if a team member's doesn't use English as their preferred language on their device, KnowHow automatically translates your processes for them. Process translation is currently available for over 14 languages, and Howie can provide support in English, Spanish, and French.


“KnowHow makes onboarding new staff so easy. I just onboarded an Accounts Payable clerk and all the training was in KnowHow. It took no time whatsoever for her to learn how we want things done.”
Lisa Blair
Owner & Business Manager, Paul Davis Restoration du Sud-Ouest
"KnowHow has been a big game-changer for us.

That’s how we’ve been able to manage better. It’s just such a beautiful programme."
Danielle Vest
Owner, Preferred Cleaning Service
"From upper-level executives to the guys right on the ground, there's something for everybody. It's scalable, and it doesn't matter if you have a really complex software-based job or you have something that's more mechanical and blue-collar in nature, like we're dealing with. You know, there's value in every sector for KnowHow."
Evan Kostreva
Franchise Business Coach, Everline Franchising

Solutions for the whole workforce

Equip your team with the tools they need to thrive, no matter their role. Whether you're a franchisor, business owner, general manager, project manager, or in the field - KnowHow offers powerful solutions that enhance performance and results.