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13 January, 2023

Announcing: Delivering 5-Star Restoration Experiences E-Book

Leighton Healey

Why do restoration projects go off-the-rails?

That’s the question we asked ourselves, and the answer has huge implications.

Why Are Reviews Important for Restoration Companies?

When a business receives even one 1-star review online, it can lead to a 22% decrease in new business coming in. For the average $2M restoration business, that’s about $250k lost in one year, due to a single negative review.

Given the power customers have over how businesses are perceived online due to the prevalence of online reviews, delivering 5-star experiences as a restoration company has never been more important.

We set out to uncover what were the most common reasons customers gave restoration businesses a 1-star review, and to say our discoveries were shocking would be an understatement.

You can view everything we learned in our new e-book Delivering 5-Star Restoration Experiences: An Analysis of 1,000 Bad Online Reviews in the Restoration Industry, available now.

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Accusations of theft, drunkenness, and even marital infidelity emerged as we combed through 1,000 1-star reviews from all 50 States in the US. But throughout the spectacular reviews were common themes of restoration companies cutting corners, neglecting communication, allowing a single bad employee to ruin a customer’s experience, and many other tangible insights that businesses can glean to ensure they don’t end up on this list.

To help us make sense of our findings, we enlisted the help of some of the industry’s most well-known experts, including Dan Cassara of CORE Group, Tim Hull and Chuck Violand of Violand Management, Mark Springer, President of the Restoration Industry Association, Phil Rosebrook of Business Mentors, and many others.

Their unique perspective, combined with this never-before-seen research, will ensure that you walk away with clear, tangible steps you can take to deliver 5-star restoration service experiences to your customers and improve your online reviews.

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