10 May, 2023

Get Ahead of the Game: Recruiting Gen Z for Your Restoration Team

Leighton Healey

Are you tired of the never-ending hiring cycle? You know, the one where it feels like you're always on the lookout for fresh talent to join your restoration company? It can be a real headache trying to find the perfect fit, especially when your team is running thin. So maybe it's time to switch things up.

If you've been focusing on millennials with your recruitment, you need to consider hiring Gen Z workers. If you don’t even know which generation you’re hiring for, you could be missing a big opportunity. As we outlined in our book Why Workers Quit, each generation, from Baby Boomers down to Gen Z, have unique preferences and factors they look for in a job. If you’re neglecting Gen Z workers, it’s no surprise you’re struggling to keep your recruiting pipeline full. These youngsters could be just the ticket to revitalizing your workforce and taking your business to the next level.

Why You Should Be Targeting Gen Z for Blue Collar Work

Now, you might be thinking, "Gen Z? Aren't they just a bunch of entitled kids who don't want to get their hands dirty?" Well, let's bust some myths here. Gen Z has lived through economic downturns and other unique experiences that have shaped their worldview. They're less likely to want to take on massive student loans and are open to alternative career paths, making them ideal candidates for restoration work.

Plus, Gen Z is super tech-savvy. As restoration companies adopt more advanced technology for client communication, billing, and other tasks, you'll want to have these digital natives on your team. They'll quickly adapt to new tech and help your business stay ahead of the curve.

Understanding Gen Z: What Drives Their Career Choices

To effectively recruit Gen Z, it's essential to understand what motivates them and what they value in a job. Here are a few key factors we uncovered in Why Workers Quit that drive Gen Z's career choices:

  • Purpose and impact: Gen Z wants to know that their work has a purpose and makes a difference. Highlighting the positive impact that your restoration projects have on people's lives and the community can be a powerful selling point.
  • Work-life balance: Unlike previous generations, Gen Z places a high value on work-life balance. Offering flexible work arrangements, time off, and a supportive work environment can make your company stand out to this generation.
  • Inclusivity: Gen Z is the most diverse generation in history, and they expect their workplace to reflect that. Emphasizing your commitment to company culture and fostering an inclusive workplace can help attract Gen Z talent.
  • Opportunities for growth: Gen Z is eager to learn and grow professionally. Make sure to emphasize any training programs, mentorship opportunities, and career advancement options available at your company.

“Candidates today are looking for career security, not simply job security,” Steve Cadigan explains. “Making them better throughout their tenure with your company is essential.” Restoration companies have pictures and case studies highlighting the transformation they are capable of delivering on projects, but few have case studies that show clearly how the company transforms its workers into higher-caliber, more employable people. To stand out, you need to provide these case studies to motivated young applicants.”

How to Recruit Gen Z for Restoration Jobs

Put Your Best Foot Forward on Job Posting Sites

You already know that job seekers flock to online job boards, but remember that Gen Z has grown up on the internet. They know how to find what they're looking for and will quickly weed out any listings that don't catch their eye. Make sure your job posts are clear, concise, and engaging. Highlight any training opportunities, career advancement possibilities, and salary expectations.

Don't forget to make use of the features offered by job sites, like targeting options and communication tools. These can help streamline your hiring process and make it easier for potential recruits to find your listings.

Use Social Media & Your Website to Your Advantage

Gen Z is all about research, so don't be surprised if they do a deep dive on your company before applying. A strong social media presence can be the deciding factor for many young job seekers. Use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to showcase your company culture, projects, and even employee spotlights. Make it easy for potential hires to picture themselves working with you and don't forget to include links to your social media profiles in your job postings!

Get to Gen Z Before College

Gen Z is shaking up the education system, with 61% believing that college is only worth it if you know exactly what you want to do (according to For Construction Pros). This presents an opportunity for industries like restoration to step in and offer appealing careers and salaries to these young workers. Consider partnering with local high schools to connect with students who might be hesitant to jump into higher education. And when you're posting jobs online, make sure to target a younger age demographic.

Make it Clear What Your Company Can Offer

Many Gen Zers have witnessed their parents stressing over finances and job security. They crave stability, so be upfront about what your company has to offer. Emphasize career growth opportunities, benefits, and pay. Show them that working with you is a smart choice for their future.

“When you segment responses by age, Gen Z is the only age group that is primarily motivated by salary. Millennials care far more about a strong team culture and opportunity for growth than they do salary, and Gen Xers likewise are seeking career advancement more than a big pay-check.

Each of these age groups and roles have their own preferences, and it’s only the youngest among the field workers that allow the allure of a big pay day to strongly influence where they end up. This finding is aligned with broader studies on Gen Z workers who, after enduring recessions, global instability, and pandemics, are looking for job stability and some confidence they’re going to make ends meet.”

Creating a Gen Z-Friendly Work Environment

Once you've successfully recruited Gen Z talent, it's crucial to create a work environment that keeps them engaged and satisfied. Here are some tips on how to create a Gen Z-friendly workplace:

  • Foster open communication: Encourage open communication and make it easy for employees to share their ideas and feedback. This will make them feel valued and heard, leading to increased job satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Offer continuous learning opportunities: Gen Z is eager to learn and develop their skills. Provide regular training sessions, workshops, and access to online resources that allow them to grow professionally.
  • Embrace technology: Make sure your company stays current with the latest technology and tools that can help streamline processes and improve efficiency. Gen Z will appreciate working in an environment that embraces innovation. Encourage collaboration: Gen Z values teamwork and collaboration. Create opportunities for team building and cross-departmental projects to help employees develop strong relationships and learn from one another.

Prioritize employee well-being: Promote a healthy work-life balance and ensure your employees have access to resources that support their mental and physical well-being, such as wellness programs, mental health resources, and fitness benefits.


It's essential to adapt your recruitment process to attract and retain the skilled and tech-savvy Gen Z workforce. By targeting Gen Z, you can tap into a demographic that is open to alternative career paths, debt-averse, and eager to make a difference. To do this, focus on creating engaging and informative job postings, leveraging social media and your website to showcase your company culture, connecting with potential recruits before they decide on college, and being transparent about the opportunities and benefits your company offers. Additionally, creating a Gen Z-friendly work environment will ensure that your new recruits remain engaged, satisfied, and loyal to your company. By shifting your recruitment strategy and making these changes, you'll be better positioned to build a strong, reliable team that drives your restoration business forward.

Looking for more insights on employee retention and hiring strategies? Check out our book, Why Workers Quit, for valuable information that can help you optimize your recruitment process.

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