KnowHow and Drysource Partner to Provide Step-by-Step Guidance for all Restoration Equipment

KnowHow and Drysource Partner to Provide Step-by-Step Guidance for all Restoration Equipment

March 12, 2024

TORONTO, Ontario, Canada — KnowHow, a leading AI software platform used to onboard, skill up, and equip workforces in the restoration industry with on-the-go guidance, has partnered with Drysource to provide users with expertly-written processes for proper use and maintenance of common Restoration equipment. This collaboration kicked off at Drysource's The Big Flood event, where Drysource's office and warehouse in Toronto were flooded with 12,000 gallons of water for a practical demonstration of commercial drying techniques, providing hands-on training experience to attendees.

The KnowHow app was made available to all attendees, equipping them with searchable how-to written by Restoration Equipment Specialists. "This partnership is a game changer for Restorers and really levels the playing field,said KnowHow customer Leland Guttridge, CTO at Platinum Pro-Claim Restoration, live from The Big Flood Event.

KnowHow customers will have access to expert-authored guidance from Drysource on how to use, place, and troubleshoot all common water mitigation equipment, a content base that will expand in time to include all common Restoration equipment. Content from Drysource can be added to each KnowHow customer's KnowHow Hub and edited as desired.

“Part of our mission at Drysource,” said Kevin Dooley, co-founder of Drysource, “is to better train restorers and elevate the industry, which is really aligned with KnowHow’s vision of a more competent and confident workforce. Restorers are quite busy, and sometimes it is difficult for us to have the time to work on the business instead of in the business. With this partnership, we’re able to provide restoration leaders with curated how-to that they can feel confident implementing in their operations, so they can free up that time to be more strategic.”

By integrating Drysource's in-depth Restoration equipment expertise into KnowHow's easy-to-use app, the partnership aims to help Restorers save time, eliminate errors, and equip staff to solve equipment problems independently. “We’re excited to partner with Drysource,” said Leighton Healey, CEO at KnowHow, “and look forward to equipping the restoration industry with expertly-written, step-by-step guidance to help staff feel confident and competent on any jobsite.”

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Drysource helps contractors design best-in-class drying plans that are backed by science and quantified algorithms. Whether it's equipment, project expertise, or executing the project alongside your team, we ensure property loss is mitigated as efficiently as possible. Learn more at

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KnowHow is an intuitive, mobile-first application that helps restoration leaders rapidly onboard new hires, upskill their workforce, and provide on-demand, expert guidance for every job. The app centralizes company how-to and best practices, and with the help of AI-powered virtual expert, Howie, provides workforces with easy-to-follow directions in their preferred language. With KnowHow, companies accelerate new hire productivity, reduce costly errors, free up management capacity, and build a more confident workforce. Learn more about how KnowHow makes it easy to build, maintain, translate, and share Standard Operating Procedures at