13 January, 2023

KnowHow Partners with PSA to Drive Rapid Worker Onboarding & How-to Training!

Leighton Healey

KnowHow and PSA are thrilled to announce a first-of-a-kind partnership, bringing comprehensive ‘just-in-time’ online system training for all PSA-specific products to all existing and new KnowHow customers.

As the leading software for onboarding and equipping workers in the restoration industry, KnowHow is making it even easier to discover how to leverage all the horsepower PSA offers in production, sales, marketing and finance to grow scaling restoration companies.This means that KnowHow’s extensive library just got a whole lot richer with an extensive library of over hundreds of step-by-step processes for every aspect of PSA, from its Proven Job Management to Proven Accounting, and more!

“We are obsessed with helping restorers get new workers up to speed faster”, said Leighton Healey, Chief Executive Officer of KnowHow. “With KnowHow, growing restoration businesses reach the full potential of their workforce and software tools by giving every worker ‘instant-access’ to all company SOPs and how-to’s - in a mobile format they love. By partnering with PSA, we’re helping their customers unlock the full horsepower of PSA’s suite of industry-leading products.”

These PSA best practices and procedures are available to every new and existing PSA customer, on their desktop or mobile devices via the KnowHow app. With KnowHow’s step-by-step walkthroughs, you will be able to get new hires up to speed on PSA faster than ever, and direct all PSA questions to an ‘instant-access’ app on their mobile device.

“We’ve seen a significant shift over the past few years with how people are able to learn and adapt to new systems and processes,” said Ryan Pritchard, Sales Manager at PSA. “Companies are throwing away their 700 page manuals and hour long tutorials for bite sized pieces of information catered to their standard operating procedures. We live in a TikTok generation that wants access to specific information from the palm of their hands and KnowHow provides that service."

For more information on how growing restoration businesses can take advantage of this partnership, or claim your free PSA KnowHow Hub, head to our PSA Partners page.

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