24 July, 2023

KnowHow’s Magic Search: Revolutionizing On-the-Job Support

Leighton Healey

Every restorer knows the frustration of being in the thick of a job and encountering a problem or question. It disrupts the workflow, often leading to a tedious search through binders, files, or manuals. And when answers aren't readily available, workers resort to calling their supervisors, which can halt productivity on multiple fronts. These interruptions aren't just annoying; they're costly in terms of both time and money.

Back in January, our product team went to Mexico to meet with some of our power users in the field. They loved what KnowHow had to offer, but they expressed a shared pain point - they were still getting calls from staff who had specific questions about equipment and processes.

How many dehumidifiers do I need for this job?

What does this error code mean?

How do I fill out a scope sheet?

While they had step-by-step guidance at their fingertips, field staff needed a faster and easier way to find the answers to their specific questions, and managers wanted to empower their teams to work independently, but lacked a scalable way to achieve it. So we spent six months building, testing, and refining, and we are thrilled to announce the launch of KnowHow's latest addition: Magic Search.

Magic Search references company policies, processes, how-to guides, and Standard Operating Procedures, cutting through the noise to provide quick, accurate answers. Powered by Howie, KnowHow’s new virtual assistant, Magic Search answers worker questions with clear, easy-to-read instructions that boost worker confidence and productivity.

Howie knows your company's processes and procedures inside and out and is ready to answer questions, carry out calculations, or deep dive into a topic whenever required. For technicians, it means faster and clearer answers to their on-the-job questions. For managers, it's a game-changer, giving them the time and capacity they need for the high-impact tasks that drive the business forward while maintaining consistency on the job.

Since we introduced Magic Search, the feedback from the field has been overwhelmingly positive. Teams are amazed by the speed at which Howie can provide them with clear, easy-to-understand answers, helping them increase productivity, reduce phone calls, and empower workers. It's an example of how the right tech can make a world of difference in our industry.

However, at KnowHow, we're not done yet. Magic Search is a big step forward, but we're already working on more features, adding to Howie's capabilities, and finding new ways to support our industry. We believe in equipping restoration workers with the right tools to do their jobs efficiently and confidently.

Creating Magic Search wasn't a one-person job. It required the dedication and effort of every single employee at KnowHow. We spent months designing it in close collaboration with our customers, fine-tuning the system until it met our – and their – high standards. As of July 18th, 2023, Magic Search is live for all KnowHow users, and it represents the culmination of hard work, innovation, and a deep desire to solve the challenges our customers face.

We invite you to experience the transformative power of Magic Search for yourself. If you don’t already have KnowHow, book a demo with us, and join us as we shape the future of restoration work.

The future of work in the restoration industry is here, and it's magical. ✨

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