Product Update
13 January, 2023

Product Update: New Languages, User Tags, and Privacy Options

Leighton Healey

Our customers have told us over and over - the easier they can communicate with their colleagues, the more often work is done the right way. Along that note, the product team here at KnowHow has been hard at work creating new ways for teams to share information - and the right information - with each other.

Here are three new features we launched this month that will continue to change the way work gets done in the restoration industry.

New Language Translation Options

Restoration teams come from all different backgrounds, and speak all different languages. We wanted to ensure that every member of your team has access to the information they need to get the job done right, with no language barriers. That’s why we’ve added even more translation options to any process in your hub. Users now have the option to translate processes into Chinese, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Russian, Hindi, and Portuguese.

Assign Tags to Specific Users

We’ve added the ability for managers and admins to assign tags to specific users in their hub. This allows you to designate users by their department, location, or any other relevant tags you'd like. In addition to keeping your hub organized, look for additional functionality in the future (including the next feature below 👇) that leverages this ability.

New Privacy Settings

It’s important the right employees are viewing the right processes, so we’ve added new privacy settings to help with this. Process creators can now adjust who can view specific processes as you’re building them out. On the final step of the process builder, click the “Advanced Setting” drop down, and you will see a few options. Select the “custom settings” option, and you can select who your process can be seen by. Anyone that does not meet the parameters you select will never see that process.

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