24 March, 2023

The 6 Biggest Barriers in Hiring and Training New Estimators

Leighton Healey

The restoration industry is not opportunity restrained, it’s resource restrained. That means that more and more companies are on the hunt for talented estimators. But hiring and training new hires isn't a walk in the park in any industry, to say nothing about the complex and ever-changing restoration industry. From adapting to new technology to undoing bad habits, there are a lot of barriers in between a new estimator and a successful, fully competent, productive team member. We've got the scoop on six significant challenges companies face and some tips for overcoming them, all with a little help from KnowHow, the industry leader in training and equipping restoration staff.

Tech Troubles

Let's face it, estimating is a tech-heavy gig. Between Xactimate line items and clicking the right box on DASH, getting staff to embrace technology (and use it correctly) can be a real pain. Then they’ll update the layout of their software and you’ll have to train everyone all over again! How can you combat this? The secret weapon here is a solid onboarding program that dives deep into all the tech your new estimator will need.

How KnowHow helps: KnowHow's got you covered with step-by-step guides for all the major software in the restoration biz. From Xactimate to Encircle, KnowHow makes software training a breeze.

Fragmented Training

Nobody wants a half-baked birthday cake, yet estimators are constantly given half-baked training with piecemeal instructions on how to do their job properly. Yes, the restoration industry is chaotic, but your training program doesn’t need to be. . The fix? A fully baked out, well-rounded training program that clearly defines what a new worker is going to learn during their first 30 days on the job..

How KnowHow helps: With KnowHow, all estimators can receive templated, editable, and fully built out training that takes them from Day 1 to productivity superstar faster than you can say "restoration."

Drinking from a Fire Hose

Switching from hands-on construction work to a complex, data-driven role can be a real head-spinner for new estimators. Companies too often throw their new hires in the deep end, hoping they can stay afloat. Give them some guidance, support, and a clear roadmap to help them find their footing.

How KnowHow helps: KnowHow serves up training in bite-sized, easy-to-digest chunks that you can bookmark, download, and even translate into a bunch of languages.

Deadline Drama

Estimators are often racing against the clock, and that pressure can lead to costly mistakes. With so many moving parts, steps are likely to get forgotten (that is until an irate customer or insurance rep calls to complain). The solution? A company culture that values getting it right over getting it done fast.

How KnowHow helps: KnowHow keeps track of who's done what, when, and where, so you can be sure no steps get lost in the restoration industry's whirlwind.

Support SOS

New estimators need a helping hand to be successful; they shouldn’t have to figure everything out for themselves.  Pair them up with the experience of seasoned estimators who can show them the ropes.

How KnowHow helps: KnowHow’s editable estimator training program lays out a top-notch training path for staff, built by industry veterans, so your new hires always know what they should be learning and what success looks like.

The Experienced Estimator Dilemma

Some companies think they can avoid all these headaches by hiring experienced estimators instead of rookies, but it's not always smooth sailing. Sure, they know their way of doing things, but they might be set in their ways or have some bad habits that need fixing.

How KnowHow helps: KnowHow gets everyone on the same page with standardized processes, so it doesn't matter if they're fresh out of school or a seasoned pro.


Hiring and training new estimators can be tricky, but with the right approach and some help from KnowHow, you can tackle these challenges head-on. Investing in employee training and development is the key to staying ahead in the restoration game, so make sure you're giving your team the tools they need to succeed.

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