The Power of Family in Business: ATI's Journey to Success

The Power of Family in Business: ATI's Journey to Success

In today's blog article, we'll explore the inspiring story of ATI, the nation's largest family-operated disaster recovery services firm. Founded in 1989 by Gary Moore with just one van and three employees, ATI has since expanded to a remarkable 2000 employees and 60 locations across the country. The Moore family, including Gary as Chairman and his sons Jeff, Ryan, and Scott, each playing a unique role, has been instrumental in maintaining a family atmosphere within the company while driving its growth. Join us as we delve into ATI's origin story, the significance of family dynamics in their success, and uncover 8 key lessons that you can learn from ATI to continue growing your own business.

"We've never been bigger than what we are today. Every year we hit a new threshold and, with the size of the business that we are, we need really smart, opinionated people to challenge the status quo, challenge the norms, challenge the leadership."
-Jeff Moore, President and Chief Acquisition Officer at ATI

The Importance of Family Dynamics in Business

Working with family has its challenges and benefits. For the Moore brothers, their mother played a crucial role in maintaining family unity. They've navigated disagreements and decision-making by respecting each family member's role and expertise. This has allowed them to work together closely and avoid fights that could damage their family bond and business.

Maintaining a Family Atmosphere in a Growing Company

To maintain a family atmosphere, the Moores hired an outside family advisor and embraced the company's core values, known as ATI Cares. They've emphasized the importance of employee input and challenging the status quo, empowering employees to grow within the company.

"Just because we've been doing it for 20 years doesn't mean it's right. There's new technology, there are new ways of doing business and I think that's what our employees find fascinating, as soon as they bring something up, we're willing to listen and change, and that's what's different between us and some of our competition."
-Ryan Moore, President & Chief Growth Officer at ATI

Scaling, Maintaining Company Culture, and Preparing for the Future

As ATI grew and prepared for generational transitions in their business, the Moore brothers recognized the importance of continuously learning and adapting. To prepare for the future, they joined Cal State Fullerton Center for Family Business and Kellogg School of Business for training and education.

In addition to preparing for the future, the Moore brothers also understood the importance of maintaining their core values and company culture as the company scaled. They had learned from business leaders both inside and outside the industry and had implemented the ATI Cares Ambassadors program to help maintain company culture. By combining their efforts to prepare for the future and maintain their company culture, the Moore brothers were well-equipped to navigate the challenges of growing their business.

How You Can Apply ATI’s Principles

Family Dynamics and Values: A Cornerstone for Success

Although your business may not be family-owned, ATI's story demonstrates the importance of fostering a family-like atmosphere. Encourage open communication and mutual respect among your team members, creating a supportive environment that promotes collaboration.

Clearly Defined Roles and Responsibilities

ATI's success stems from having well-defined roles and responsibilities for each team member. This approach ensures smooth decision-making processes and avoids conflicts. Adopt this practice in your restoration company to optimize your team's efficiency.

Maintaining a Strong Company Culture

A key aspect of ATI's success is their strong company culture. Uphold your core values and empower your employees to challenge the status quo. This approach will contribute to your business's growth and adaptability in the ever-evolving restoration industry.

Investing in Continuous Learning and Professional Development

Stay ahead in the industry by embracing new ideas, technologies, and methodologies. Encourage continuous learning for yourself and your team, fostering a culture of innovation and improvement.

Planning for Generational Transitions

If your restoration company is family-owned, plan for generational transitions to ensure the company's future success and preserve its legacy. Establishing a clear succession plan will provide stability and direction during times of change.

Seeking External Guidance and Networking

Don't hesitate to seek advice from external advisors or join business organizations to gain insights and knowledge from other industry leaders. Networking and learning from peers will keep you informed about industry trends and best practices.

Employee Development Programs

Create an employee development program that promotes growth and advancement within your company. This will foster a sense of loyalty and commitment among your team members, ensuring long-term success.

Preserving Company Culture during Growth

As your restoration company scales, make a conscious effort to maintain the company culture that has contributed to your success. Consider implementing initiatives like ambassador programs to help reinforce and preserve your company's core values.


So, there you have it! ATI's impressive success story highlights the significance of family values, open communication, and a commitment to continuous improvement for a thriving business. The great news is, you can apply these principles to your own company too!

By taking the key lessons from ATI's journey and incorporating them into your business, you can create a supportive, collaborative environment where everyone works together towards success. Don't forget to maintain open communication with your team, invest in their growth, and seek external advice when necessary.

So, go ahead and learn from ATI's experience! Start building a successful business founded on family values and a strong company culture. Keep pushing for growth and improvement, and who knows, maybe one day you'll have your own amazing story to share with the world. Best of luck!