The True Cost of Bad Onboarding for Water Techs

A paper with a table of average costs for an 8-week onboarding of a Water Tech.

So, you've hired a new water tech to help out with your restoration business. That's great news! But, do they know what they're doing? Do they have the skills and knowledge they need to get the job done right?

If you're not providing comprehensive onboarding and training, the answer is probably no. In fact, bad onboarding can cost your business a lot of time, money, and headaches.

Let's break it down.

According to our State of the Industry Report, on average, the onboarding timeline for water techs is 8+ weeks. During this time, bad or incomplete onboarding can lead to confused and frustrated employees who don't know how to do their job correctly. This means more mistakes, more rework, and less productivity. And, when your employees aren't working efficiently, your business is losing money. The costs can be substantial: labor costs can reach over $5,000, management costs can go up to $4,000, and when you take into account material costs, equipment errors, and reduced capacity your overall onboarding costs can be more than $13,000.

But the real cost of bad onboarding goes beyond just lost time and money. It can also lead to unhappy customers who aren't satisfied with the quality of work being done. This can damage your reputation and hurt your chances of getting repeat business and referrals.

So, how do you make sure your water techs are properly trained and onboarded? That's where KnowHow comes in.

How KnowHow Reduces Costs and Timelines

KnowHow is the leading restoration software that helps you create a playbook for your company that includes standardized processes, systems, and workflows. With KnowHow, you can get your new hires up to speed in as little as four weeks, without compromising on quality.

When you use KnowHow for water tech onboarding, the cost can be reduced to less than $4,000. Plus, your new hires will have access to on-the-job guidance and training paths that can be customized to their specific role and experience level.

When your water techs are properly trained and onboarded with KnowHow, they'll be more productive, make fewer mistakes, and provide better service to your customers. And, with happier customers and a stronger reputation, your business will thrive.

So, don't let bad onboarding cost your business. Book a demo with KnowHow and give your water techs the training and support they need to succeed. With KnowHow, you can save time, reduce costs, and improve your business outcomes.