8 April, 2024

True North Restoration Adopts KnowHow to Provide Compassionate Service at Scale

Leighton Healey

April 8, 2024

Calgary, AB – True North Restoration, a franchisor dedicated to restoring the lives of its customers while serving the needs of its employees and communities with compassion, is excited to announce its adoption of KnowHow, the AI-powered, mobile-first training and operational how-to app built for restorers.

Committed to innovation, growth, and excellence, True North Restoration has identified KnowHow as the ideal platform to rapidly onboard new hires, upskill its workforce, and boost overall productivity. The integration of KnowHow’s mobile and desktop apps with AI-powered mentor, Howie, positions True North Restoration to lead the industry by example, setting new standards for service delivery and customer satisfaction.

“As True North Restoration continues to grow, maintaining operational training and consistency becomes our biggest challenge. KnowHow is the solution that closes this gap, offering scalable training solutions that evolve with us. Our collaboration with KnowHow is a game-changer, ensuring that as we expand, we remain synonymous with innovation, quality, and excellence in every community we serve,” said Justin Donat, Founder of True North Restoration.

True North Restoration’s core value of innovation drives its mission to stay ahead of technological advancements, ensuring the company remains competitive and excels in its services. The partnership with KnowHow reflects this commitment, enabling True North Restoration to efficiently communicate best practices and processes across its multiple locations nationwide.

“True North Restoration’s commitment to Franchisee support, operational excellence, business integrity, and innovation is truly inspiring,” said Leighton Healey, CEO of KnowHow. “By equipping their team with our AI-powered tools, they’re not just streamlining operations; they’re fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement. It’s partnerships like these that push industries forward.”

About KnowHow

KnowHow is an easy-to-use, mobile and desktop app designed to help restoration leaders rapidly onboard new hires, upskill their workforce, and enhance productivity with expert guidance for every job. Featuring a centralized repository for company how-tos and best practices, and supported by Howie, the AI-powered mentor, KnowHow equips workers with the knowledge they need to tackle on-the-job challenges confidently. This approach eliminates the need for traditional training methods, saving time and resources. Learn more about KnowHow’s capabilities at

About True North Restoration

True North Restoration is a fast-growing franchise in the restoration industry, committed to setting new standards in service quality and efficiency. With a focus on innovation, customer care, and employee wellbeing, True North Restoration is dedicated to providing high-quality, consistent service nationwide, making significant strides in the restoration sector. Learn more at

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