Winning with Workers: The Eight Proven Principles Today's Leaders Use to Attract & Retain the Best Talent

Winning with Workers: The Eight Proven Principles Today's Leaders Use to Attract & Retain the Best Talent

KnowHow, a software company for training and equipping workers in the restoration industry, announced the release of its newest book, "Winning With Workers: The Eight Proven Principles Today’s Leaders Use to Attract & Retain the Best Talent.” Pulling on hundreds of hours of research and insights from the restoration industry’s most influential leaders, Winning with Workers outlines a clear framework any restoration company looking to attract and retain top talent can adopt.

"We've witnessed firsthand the challenges and obstacles leaders in the industry are facing when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent" stated Leighton Healey, CEO of KnowHow. "Over the past year, we’ve interviewed restoration giants and innovative independents, and combined their insights with our industry-leading data on what today’s workers are looking for in an employment experience. The result is a book filled with truly transformative strategies combined with clear, tangible takeaways that any restoration company can put into action.

Winning with Workers, which features over 200+ pages of interviews, insights, and data on the restoration workers and their customers, includes case studies and exclusive interviews with some of the most influential leaders in the industry today, including:

  • ATI Restoration
  • BluSky Restoration Contractors
  • Paul Davis Restoration
  • Thomasville Restoration
  • Guarantee Restoration, & more

KnowHow’s previous book, the celebrated Why Workers Quit, outlined the restoration industry’s attrition problem after surveying over 400 workers in the industry. In Winning with Workers, KnowHow follows up on the success of Why Workers Quit by outlining how restoration companies struggling to attract and retain top talent can re-build their employment experience from the ground up to appeal to young, Millennial and Gen Z workers.

Winning with Workers can be downloaded for free at, or will be available for purchase on Amazon later this month.

About KnowHow

KnowHow is an intuitive, mobile-first application that helps restoration leaders rapidly onboard new hires, upskill their workforce, and provide on-demand, expert guidance for every job. Home to your company's proven methods, KnowHow ensures everyone has the skills they need to get the job done right, with time-saving features that make it a breeze to build, maintain, and translate Standard Operating Procedures. It's time to say goodbye to language barriers and costly mistakes and start exceeding standards with KnowHow.

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