6 December, 2023

Top Restoration Project Management Softwares in 2024

Leighton Healey

Choosing the right restoration job management software isn't just a box to check off in your business plan. It's a pivotal decision that's likely to shape the ebb and flow of your operations for years to come. It's about finding that perfect digital ally, a tool that aligns with the unique rhythm and challenges of restoration work.

But in a field as diverse as restoration, what better way to make an informed choice than learning from those who are already in the trenches (or a waist-deep water loss)? That's exactly what we've done. We surveyed the restoration industry, from small independents to large-scale industry juggernauts in our 2023 C&R State of the Industry report to bring you not just recommendations but real-world insights into what restorers are using.

Need a Quick Summary?

Here's our list of the top 5 job management software chosen by restorers for restorers in our 2023 C&R State of the Industry Report:

1. Dash (CoreLogic Restoration Solutions)

2. PSA (Canam Systems)

3. Xcelerate

4. Encircle

5. Restoration Manager (Verisk)

For a detailed description of each software and their respective integrations, read the full article below.

What is Restoration Job Management Software?

Restoration and construction job management software is an essential tool designed to plan, coordinate, and control various aspects of your restoration projects. It aids project managers in keeping tasks on schedule, managing budgets effectively, and monitoring progress in real-time. This software streamlines communication across departments, from managers and techs in the field to administrators back in the office, offering information at a glance and consolidating documents, photos, and data into a single, accessible location.

So, what are the top picks that are shaping the way restoration professionals manage their projects? Let's dive into the results from the State of the Industry Survey.

Top 5 Job Management Software According to Restorers in 2023

1. Dash (CoreLogic Restoration Solutions)

Dash by CoreLogic (Next Gear) is tailored specifically for the demands of restoration work, offering a robust suite of features, including on-the-go job management, equipment tracking, and seamless job file integration. What sets Dash apart is its commitment to adaptability and rugged environments, ensuring it remains functional and accessible in any restoration scenario.

Dash is one of the industry favorites as it supports third-party integrations for major accounting software, as well as other large industry players like Matterport, Docusketch, Job Track by Contractor Connection, and many others.

2. PSA (Canam Systems)

PSA/Canam is tailored for the cleaning and restoration industry, offering a robust accounting system that integrates real-time job costing with financials to boost profits. Its efficiency shines in streamlining workflows, enhancing communications, and optimizing internal processes. Key features include live SMS alerts for customer-technician interactions, a feature for collecting customer reviews, and a live database that converts data into actionable reports, simplifying analytics and decision-making.

PSA offers open API access that aligns seamlessly with leading industry solutions. Notable integrations include Xactimate & XactAnalysis, CoreLogic Claims, Encircle, Matterport, and DocuSketch, among others, ensuring a versatile toolset for restoration professionals.

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3. Xcelerate

Xcelerate Restoration Software is gaining ground with its focus on operational efficiency and profitability. The platform is user-friendly, emphasizing critical aspects like job and team management, complemented by a CRM for effective client management. Xcelerate’s unique selling point is its blend of practicality and advanced features, designed to cater to the evolving needs of restoration professionals.

While Xcelerate does not offer an open API feature, they do have a comprehensive suite of integrations, enhancing its utility for diverse restoration operations. Key integrations include Google Workspace for streamlined communication and collaboration, QuickBooks for efficient accounting, and Matterport, Encircle, CompanyCam, and Docusketch for advanced imaging capabilities.

4. Encircle

Encircle stands out in the realm of field documentation, especially for insurance claims and restoration projects. Its mobile app is specifically designed for efficient and accurate data capture at loss sites. The software’s strength lies in its simplicity and ease of use, ensuring quick and precise documentation, a crucial element in restoration work.

No single software can do everything, so Encircle's integration capabilities are also extensive. It seamlessly integrates with a range of platforms including PSA/Canam, iRestore, Job-Dox, Serviceminder, Albi, Kahi, Phoenix, Matterport, and Verisk products. This wide array of integrations positions Encircle as an adaptable tool for professionals to utilize in many aspects of restoration work.

5. Restoration Manager (Verisk)

Restoration Manager offers a comprehensive solution for real-time job management, with a clear focus on schedules, costs, and team communication. Its interface is designed for ease of tracking and coordination across various projects. Despite a slight dip in popularity, it remains a reliable choice for those seeking an all-encompassing management tool.

Tailored to enhance accounting and project management capabilities, Restoration Manager boasts an impressive array of integrations. For accounting, it seamlessly connects with Quickbooks and all Sage products, ensuring robust financial management. The software also integrates with TechLoc for efficient equipment tracking and Xactimate for estimations. Additionally, Restoration Manager facilitates smooth data migrations from platforms like Salesforce, offering versatility in adapting to various business needs.


The software options we've highlighted — Dash, PSA/Canam, Xcelerate, Encircle, and Restoration Manager — each offer distinctive strengths and integrations, ensuring that whether you're a small independent startup or a large-scale operation, there's a tool that aligns with your specific needs.

The key is to choose software that not only fits your current requirements, but is easy to train new and existing staff on how to use.

For this, restoration companies across the country use KnowHow, the industry-standard digital reference guide and training tool, to equip staff with the how-to they need to be successful in their roles. With hundreds of restoration templates, including critical softwares such as PSA, Encircle, Xcelerate, Dash, and more, KnowHow is your employees’ single source of truth for everything they need to know out on the job-site or back at the office.

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