Frequently Asked Questions

What is KnowHow?

What devices are compatible with the KnowHow app?
KnowHow is a web and mobile app that's available anywhere you have an internet connection (and even some places where you don't)!

KnowHow's web app is available at and can be accessed through Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and most other browsers.

When it comes to accessing KnowHow's mobile app, most modern phones and tablets are compatible with KnowHow. Specifically, the KnowHow app is available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and runs on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Any iPhone running iOS 13+ and any Android device running Android 5+ can run the KnowHow app. We've designed our app to be as lightweight as possible, but downloading processes for offline use might take up additional storage capacity.
Does KnowHow use AI?
KnowHow centralizes company how-to and best practices and with Howie, our AI-powered mentor by their side, workforces can skip searching through binders, calling supervisors, or panicking with unexpected on-the-job challenges. Workers are equipped with expert guidance in their preferred language, based on company best practices, to move forward confidently.
How is KnowHow different than a Learning Mangement System (LMS)?
KnowHow is a “doing management system”, equipping team members out in the field who are actively working, with your instructions on how to complete their tasks. Our customers use KnowHow to both onboard new team members and support staff on-the-job with on-demand expertise based on company best practices.
What is a KnowHow "process"?
A process is a step-by-step guide to completing a task. Sometimes called procedures or SOPs, anything that tells your team how to get to where they're going would fit in this category.

KnowHow is home to thousands of processes, and when you subscribe you gain access to a suite of tools that make it easy to write, update, and share them with your team.
I thought KnowHow was a research company. Are you?
We believe

What does KnowHow do?

How is KnowHow better than the way we currently do things?
KnowHow removes the outdated process binders that nobody reads, preserves the time of veteran employees who are using their valuable time to answer too many questions, and helps front-line workers find the relevant information without having to navigate inaccessible cloud-based drives.

It's time to equip your staff with searchable how-to, whether they're on their phone, tablet, or computer.
Does KnowHow work best for small business or larger restoration franchises?
KnowHow is a versatile platform designed to work seamlessly with restoration businesses of all sizes, whether it's a small local business or a sprawling franchise. However, if you've got growth on your mind, KnowHow is the tool you need. Our platform enhances efficiency, promotes consistent quality, and helps businesses scale by capturing and sharing critical processes across the organization.
Are there pre-built processes for common jobs and software?
How does KnowHow help with onboarding new hires?
How does KnowHow answer my team's questions?
When you join KnowHow, your workforce gains access to a virtual expert who can provide on-the-job guidance to workers whenever they need it. This expert, named Howie, scans your company's unique processes, policies, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to deliver accurate, easy-to-understand answers to your team's questions. Howie is like having an additional team member always ready to assist, enabling you to enhance operational efficiency, empower employees, and ensure consistent high-quality service delivery.
We have a multilingual workforce, what languages are supported?
We understand that language barriers can pose a challenge in diverse workforces. That’s why KnowHow automatically translates every process you add into whatever an employee's preferred language is on their device. This ensures that everyone on your team can receive clear and concise instructions for any task, regardless of their native language. With KnowHow, you can foster a more inclusive and productive workplace for all.

KnowHow currently offers process translation to Armenian, Chinese, Simplified English, French, Hindi, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese, and our AI-powered mentor speaks Spanish, French, and English.
Can KnowHow help with logging procedure completions?
Should you ever need 'proof of completion' hard-copies for any process, KnowHow has got you covered. Download these records at any time, maintaining a record of work without the paperwork.

Why choose KnowHow?

Is it difficult to get started with KnowHow? How long does it take?
We've built a suite of AI-powered tools that make it easier than ever to document your company's how-to and share it with your workforce. Most customers roll out a robust hub within two weeks of registering, but it can take as little as 48 hours to launch KnowHow.
How easy will it be for my field staff to use? Will they need to be trained?
Fear not! KnowHow's app is friendly and intuitive. But we're not leaving you to figure it out all by yourself. Our dedicated team is here to make sure your workforce gets up to speed swiftly and comfortably. And yes, we've got a bunch of handy demo videos ready to roll, too.
What kind of return on investment can I expect with KnowHow?
KnowHow has been built to help onboard staff quicker and more effectively, which leads to greater employee retention, fewer mistakes out in the job field, and more satisfied customers. Read how FP Property Restoraion acheieved a 20x ROI in their first year with KnowHow.
Can you help us get started?
We have a team of process experts who, within a few brief phone calls, can extract the most critical processes from your team. Let us help you capture your how-to, import documents to KnowHow, and ensure a smooth and successful launch.
Can KnowHow help improve our online reviews?
The #1 issue of bad online reviews in the restoration industry is poor quality work. KnowHow ensures your entire team has access to the right way to complete any task, ensuring a consistent, repeatable experience for every customer.
Can KnowHow help with succession planning?
In addition to increasing staff productivity, KnowHow dramatically increases business re-sale value by ensuring that your company's expertise is not stuck inside your head, but instead is accessible to any employee or manager through a central hub.

Privacy and Security

Are my processes and company best practices secure in KnowHow?
Yes! Only you and members of your organization that you approve can access your company processes. You can remove any employee's access to KnowHow at any point, for any reason.

All KnowHow's data is secured in Amazon Web Services servers in Ohio.
Does KnowHow keep a record of process and procedure completions for liability insurance?
Yes, KnowHow keeps a log of every task completed by a team member in your organization. At any point, you can download 'proof of completion' hard-copies for any process.