Frequently Asked Questions

What is KnowHow, and what is it designed to do?

KnowHow is a software platform for equipping your team with all of the processes, procedures and best practices you want them to follow in one easy-to-use online hub available on mobile and desktop. KnowHow is designed to simplify a company’s policies and procedures by:
  • Providing an easy-to-search central hub for all company processes.
  • Allowing managers to view staff progress and ensure proven processes are followed.
  • Reducing the painful burden of creating and updating processes through our highly simplified format.

What is a Process?

On KnowHow, a Process is a step-by-step guide to keep your team aligned and on track. On KnowHow, all company processes, procedures, and checklists are unified under one consistent format Processes on KnowHow can include:
  • Actions a team member should take
  • Necessary documents, spreadsheets, or team files
  • Links to any website
  • Videos (youtube)
  • Text describing how a Process should be followed

How do I start creating my content on KnowHow?

To create content in KnowHow, you first need to register or join an organization to house your content.
  • To create a new organization, Register for free at
  • To join an existing organization, access needs to be granted from the organization’s administrator, or permission can be requested from your organization’s log-in page.
  • If you are an organization’s administrator and are unable to access your KnowHow account, see What do I do if I can’t access my KnowHow account?.
To create content on KnowHow, first login to your organization. On your organization’s dashboard, click “Create” in the top right corner.
  • If your organization’s administrator has restricted content creation access to your account, you will not be able to Create content on KnowHow.
By clicking “Create,” you now directed to the Proceess creation screen and can begin creating content.

What do I do if I can’t access my KnowHow account?

If you can’t access your account, click Login in the landing page and then “Forgot Password?”.

What are all the different things I can do with a Process on KnowHow?

Step-by-step Processes on KnowHow are great for any internal procedure or how-to. Processes are perfect for:
  • Staff and client onboarding
  • Sales workflows
  • Day-to-day operations procedures
  • Accounting and finance processes
  • Safety walkthroughs and other mandatory procedures
  • Common challenges and troubleshooting
  • In-the-field support and guidance
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Checklists
  • Guided training and support

How do my team members access KnowHow?

Invite a new team member into your organization by first logging into the KnowHow organization you want to share access to.
  • Navigate to the Browse page by clicking “Browse” in the left navigation pane.
  • Click “Invite team members” in the top right corner of your organization’s Process Hub.
  • In the Team Members section, enter the email addresses that you would like to share access to your KnowHow organization, and click the “send” icon, or press enter.
    • You can add multiple email addresses by including a space or comma between email addresses.
    • New team members are emailed an invitation to your organization (check junk mail as well).
    • All new team members are granted the lowest level of access and permissions by default (“Team Member”). To control levels of access and permissions, seeHow do I manage my team members’ levels of access and permissions on KnowHow?.

How do I remove a team member on KnowHow?

On KnowHow, only users with an Administrator level of access are able to remove team member’s access to an organization. As an administrator, remove a team member from your organization by first logging into the KnowHow organization you want to remove access to.
  • Navigate to the Browse page by clicking “Browse” in the left navigation pane.
  • Click “Invite team members” in the top right corner of your organization’s Process Hub.
  • In the Team Members section, you will find a delete icon beside each user upon hovering over their name. Clicking this allows you to remove access for an individual user. Click the delete icon, and confirm your selection to remove them from your KnowHow organization.

How do I easily create Process thumbnail images with my organization’s branding?

Creating a strong visual identity on KnowHow is only limited to your creativity. Our Process thumbnails generally display at 16:9 resolution, so we recommend your thumbnails have a dimension of 1280x720 for best quality. Please leave a safe area around the edge of the image. We have provided a simple template using Google Slides that you can be used for your own thumbnails. If you have a Google account you can make an account by going to File > Make a Copy. if you don’t have a Google account, you can download it into different formats, including PowerPoint (.pptx) by accessing File in the top left > Download. You can access the template here

How do I optimize my KnowHow content to make it as fast as possible to find on KnowHow?

KnowHow has a robust search functionality. It will match keywords to the:
  • Process Title
  • Process Description
  • Process Step name
  • Process author
We also include the ability for Process authors to include up to 5 tags to make discoverability even easier. For example if your Process defines a Human Resources process, in the tags you can include words that people would commonly use such as HR, ops, staff, etc.

How do I access KnowHow on a mobile device?

If you’d like to create or access another organization, you can do so by:
  • On Desktop: Click on your profile icon in the top right, any other organizations that you have been invited to or created appear in this dropdown menu. Click on ‘Create New Organization if you’d like to make a new one.
  • On Mobile: Press the Profile icon, press the Gear icon in the top right, Switch Organization.
    • You currently cannot create new Organizations on mobile

How do I create and access another KnowHow organization?

KnowHow is available on all mobile devices. Navigate to on your mobile device in the browser of your choice, login, and you will have access to discover and work through any Process in your organization.

What are some examples of a great Process on KnowHow?

As many processes are as unique as the company’s who have them, there is no ‘correct’ Process, however here are some guidelines to follow to create the most effective Process.
  • Make your Process action-oriented. What is the user going to accomplish at the end of the Process? Creating a title based on this will help keep the Process focused, and using a verb in the title makes the Process more action-oriented, e.g ‘Understand’, ‘Determine’, ‘Complete’, ‘Conduct’, ‘Run’, ‘Prepare’, ‘Manage’, etc.
  • Use as many steps as needed. Provide enough context in each step that a user can confidently move through the Process. Keeping roughly one action per step is a good goal, however it’s important not to make it too granular. Let’s create a Process on opening a document, making a change, then saving it. One way could be to list it out like:
      • Step 1: Navigate to the documents folder and login
      • Step 2: Find your Document
      • Step 3: Update the document
      • Step 4: Save and close the Document
    • This Process is stronger, and much more effective to navigate than having a Process that listed out each granular action as a step (such as a separate step clicking Save, a separate step clicking close, etc.)
  • Keep the end goal in mind when building. It’s important that your Process is focused. You can build another Process if there’s something that’s related that needs to be completed and link them together by including tags in both of the Processes when publishing them.