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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Your Team on KnowHow

How do we actually get all of our how-to's into our KnowHow Hub?

It's surprisingly easy! We have a team of KnowHow Customer Success specialists that, within a few brief phone calls, can extract the most critical processes from your team. Alternatively, you can build on our 100+ pre-built templates, or allow our powerful artificial intelligence process generator to help get you started.

How long does it take to get our expertise into KnowHow?

Anywhere between 15 minutes and a few weeks, depending on how much expertise you want to launch with. Most of our clients have rolled out a robust KnowHow hub to their team within 2 weeks of registering.

Does KnowHow provide any pre-built template processes we can use?

Yes! KnowHow has 100+ pre-built templates built by some of the top names in the industry. Spanning topics from water mitigation to software how-tos and financial processes, you'll find it easy to stand on the shoulders of giants as you “process-ize” your business!

What Is KnowHow?

What do you mean by a process?

A process is a step-by-step guide to completing a task. Sometimes called procedures or SOPs, anything that tells your team how to get to where they're going would fit in this category.

Is KnowHow a Learning Management System (LMS)?

KnowHow is a “doing management system”, equipping team members out in the field who are actively working, with your instructions on how to complete their tasks. Many of our clients use KnowHow to onboard team members, but then supplement that by keeping their expertise in every employee's pocket while they're on-the-job.

The Difference KnowHow Makes

What makes KnowHow better than the way we currently do things?

KnowHow removes the outdated process binders that nobody reads, preserves the time of veteran employees who are using their valuable time to answer too many questions, and helps front-line workers find the relevant information without having to navigate inaccessible cloud-based drives. KnowHow is an intuitive app with all your company's 'how-to', easy-to-update, accessible anywhere, and with enhanced reporting and documentation abilities for compliance.

We have processes, but we have no way of knowing if anyone follows them, how can KnowHow help?

KnowHow keeps a record of the time and date every task was completed, so you'll know exactly who is following your company's expertise, and who isn't

Why would a worker want to use KnowHow?

Bloated, ugly software is a thing of the past. KnowHow feels like Facebook or Instagram, and is consistently praised for its intuitiveness. As our customer John Evans likes to say, “Finally, software our employees want to use!”

Can my staff access KnowHow on their mobile phones and tablets in the field?

Yes! KnowHow is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and once downloaded, can be accessed online so your staff has access to your expertise even in the most remote locations.

Many of my staff struggle to read our processes in English, how can KnowHow help empower these team members in our company?

With KnowHow's Instant Spanish Translation, your team members can read your English processes in Spanish. More languages are coming soon, so stay tuned!

Return on Investment

How can KnowHow help us save money and increase profits?

KnowHow ensures your team does things the right way. This improves staff efficiency by eliminating time lost asking how to do things properly or correcting mistakes, and increases manager capacity by reducing interruptions from employees.

How can KnowHow help us improve our online customer reviews?

The #1 issue of bad online reviews is poor quality work. KnowHow ensures your entire team has access to the right way to complete any task, ensuring a consistent, repeatable experience for every customer.

How can KnowHow improve our onboarding experience for new staff?

KnowHow makes onboarding new staff easier than ever. Walk each new employee step-by-step through the tasks they'll be in charge of, and leave them with an easily accessible guide they can access at any time right from their phone!

How can KnowHow reduce risk in our business?

KnowHow ensures compliance by giving every employee the instructions they need to do their job properly, and provides you with a written record of what was done, when, and by whom.

Would KnowHow make my business more valuable?

In addition to increasing gross and net profits, KnowHow dramatically increases business re-sale value by ensuring that your company's expertise is not stuck inside your head, but instead is accessible to any employee or manager through a central software hub.

Security and Privacy

Are my processes and company know-how secure in KnowHow?

Yes! Only you and members of your organization that you approve can access your company processes. You can remove any employee's access to KnowHow at any point, for any reason.

Is KnowHow safe?

Yes! All KnowHow's data is secured in Amazon Web Services servers in Ohio.

Does KnowHow keep a log of process and procedure completions for liability insurance?

Yes, KnowHow keeps a log of every task completed by a team member in your organization. At any point, you can download 'proof of completion' hard-copies for any process.