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Restoration Playbook

What tactics are today's most innovative restoration companies using to build workforces that attract new staff, retain top employees, and get the most out of every worker?
The KnowHow team decided to ask them!

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Winning with Workers >

How are today's most innovative restoration leaders attracting and retaining top talent in such a competitive market? We've discovered the eight principles modern companies are using to win with workers.

State of the Industry Report >

What keeps restoration owners up at night? We collaborated with C&R Magazine to discover the answer, and the report is yours for free.

Why Workers Quit >

Why do restoration workers choose one company over another? What causes them to throw their hands up and quit? We interviewed 400 workers in the restoration industry, and we’ve got the never-before-seen data for you.

Five Star Restorer >

Why do restoration companies get 1-star reviews? We analyzed over 1,000 bad reviews and discovered the 7 reasons companies get torched online, and what you can do to ensure you don’t end up on that list.


2022 State of the Industry Results Webinar

Join Leighton Healey, CEO of KnowHow, and Michelle Blevins, Editor-in-Chief at C&R Magazine as they dive into the critical data they uncovered in the 2022 State of the Restoration Industry survey, and what impact it will have on your business.

Hiring The Best In Uncertain Times

Leighton Healey, Michelle Blevins, and Phil Rosebrook look at the hiring patterns we’re discovering in the restoration industry based on our e-book Why Workers Quit, and combine it with the broader macroeconomic trends we’re seeing in North America.

Why Workers Quit: A Conversation with Gokul Padamanabhan

Leighton Healey, CEO of KnowHow, sits down with Gokul Padamanabhan of RBA to discuss the high-level insights from Why Workers Quit: KnowHow’s interview of 400 workers in the restoration industry.

Further Listening

Blue Collar Nation

KnowHow’s Leighton Healey joins the Blue Collar Nation podcast with Eric and Larry to discuss what the data from the latest State of the Restoration Industry tells us about the current workforce situation. Regardless of what trade you are in, this information is very valuable to help you make decisions about hiring, firing, managing, and building a culture that will attract and retain employees.

Restore Your Power to Succeed

Leighton Healey, CEO of KnowHow, chats with Rachel Stewart of Xcelerate about the C&R State of the Industry Report, powered by KnowHow. Rachel and Leighton share an overview of the survey and the intentions behind this data collection for and from the industry. Rachel and Leighton dive into what surprised them the most from the survey.

Restoration Domination

Leighton Healey joins Rico Garcia of Restoration Domination to discuss the book 'Why Workers Quit', based on the largest restoration workforce study ever conducted in the history of the industry.

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